The Law of Attraction Meets the Law of “GOYA”

Here’s something I always wanted to say: “The other day I met John Assaraf, the star of ‘The Secret.’” How cool is that – John Assaraf?! If you’re not too familiar with John (we’re on a first name basis now :-) ), not only is he the star of the well-known Law of Attraction movie, “The Secret” and a 2-time New York Times best-selling author, he is also a successful entrepreneur with a track record of growing five (5) multi-million dollar companies. Talk about the Law of Attraction in Action! Here’s a man who not only talks it, he lives it.

I love the concept of the Law of Attraction: be clear on what you want, visualize it, feel it, believe and be grateful that it is coming to you and it will. I love the concept and yet, I just couldn’t buy into the idea that if I think it, it will magically come.  I’ve often felt we were only getting half the “Law;” there had to be more to it than simply sitting in the lotus position, visualizing and poof!  Well, my friend John told me I was right; there is more to the Law of Attraction than we heard in “The Secret.” There’s the Law of GOYA, a law that works hand in hand with the Law of Attraction.

When he first mentioned the Law of GOYA, my mind went straight to black beans and rice. You see, I’m from South Florida and Goya is a company specializing in authentic Spanish, Mexican and other Hispanic foods so I was confused; what does a food company have to do with the Law of Attraction? “No, no, no,” he said, “GOYA is the missing ingredient from the Law of Attraction. It’s the Law of Get Off Your A**,” which of course made me ROTFLMAO.

The Law of GOYA – that’s exactly the missing piece, Action! The Law of Attraction and the Law of GOYA work hand in hand; together they make things happen. Try each one on its own and you may achieve your goal, but use them together and create what you thought was beyond your wildest dreams. Walt Disney dreamed about Disney World before he made it happen, Danica Patrick dreamed of being the first (and still only) woman to win a race in IndyCar history and achieved it and more, Sir Richard Branson dreamed about making space flight available to consumers and he’s doing it right now. They all dreamed it. And then they all took action. It takes action to accomplish your dreams. It takes action to have what you want in your life. It takes action to live the best life you possibly can.

So use the Law of Attraction and take time to dream, to reflect, and to visualize what you want. See it, feel it, taste it. And then use the Law of GOYA to make it come to life. Start now by getting my free gift “The Fast Path to Explosive Results: The Goal Achieving Process.” CLICK HERE NOW FOR YOUR FREE GIFT

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