Persistence Pays

My mastermind team is reading the “Persistence” chapter from Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich.”  With this, I’m reminded just how important a ‘Never Give Up’ attitude is to ultimate success. I often hear people say, “I just need one break, one chance, but nothing is happening for me.” Hill says that “breaks” happen to those who make them happen, to those who are willing to continue no matter what, to those who have an intense desire despite being surrounded by friends, neighbors and media all telling you, “You’re crazy, don’t you know it’s a terrible economy? Stop trying so hard, wait till things settle down and get better.”

Wait? If Thomas Edison waited for a better economy we’d still be in the dark. If Henry Ford waited for a better economy we’d all be in better physical shape from walking all the time. No, they continued, they persisted, they did what it took to accomplish their burning desire. Persistence is the key element to success. Breaks come when you continue moving forward, when you continue connecting and creating relationships with people, when you continue educating yourself. Be persistent, keep moving forward and believe that with persistence you will achieve your ultimate success.

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