Networking Success Tips from “The Best Networker” Award Winner

Guest Blogger, Nancy Matthews, CEO Women’s Prosperity Network

This past week Trish & I attended The Ultimate Millionaire Summit hosted by Loral Langemeir.  In addition to being one of the presenters, I had the opportunity to spend 4 days networking with the most extraordinary people and to my surprise I was given “The Best Networker” award!  For me being The Best Networker means I’ve taken the time to get to know people, to honor them and be genuinely interested in who they are (not just what I can sell them or they have to sell to me.)  As a result of approaching networking in this fashion, I am continuously presented with opportunities to expand my horizons, to learn, to grow AND to be of service to others.

Would you like to be able to easily and continuously expand your horizons?  Start now with these networking success tips and enjoy networking with a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm!

STEP ONE: Cast Your Net

The first step in achieving success through networking (especially when nerves amplify each fleeting moment of awkwardness) is to have a plan; in essence it’s time to redefine the “net” in networking.

Before you race out the door with a plastered on smile and a handful of business cards, set aside time to sit down, think deeply, and accept who you are today, warts and all. The little voice that criticizes your love handles on your way out the door to a blind date, is the same one that whispers, “What if I have nothing to say?” If you want to feel comfortable telling others about yourself, you need to turn that voice off, at least while you’re making a first impression. Is this easier said than done? Of course, but that’s where you’ll have your net to catch you in case you fall.

Simply put, your net is your so-called pitch, but instead of falling back on the standard elevator speech, this net is woven out of the pieces of yourself that connect you to other people.   Although your main purpose may be business in nature, including your personality will simultaneously entice those around you and put your own anxieties at ease.  Allow your personality to shine through and show genuine interest in others.  Lastly, trust the process.  As my good friend, Bob Burg, says, “All things being equal, people will do business with people they know, like and trust.”  Take the time to get to know others and let them get to know you and enjoy networking done right!  You too can be The Best Networker — it just takes a little practice AND having great people to network with!


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