Make Every Conversation Count! 3 Simple Strategies to Sales Success

Whether on the stage or in the coffee shop, savvy professionals know that it’s critical to make the most of every opportunity to communicate your message. Here are 3 tips that will make every conversation count:

1. Start Strong

Prepare an engaging opening, one that grabs attention, makes it clear where you’re headed  and what’s in it for your audience to listen.

2. Stay Focused

Work from an outline to stay on track. Sequence your presentation so that each point builds on the one before and takes you to a logical conclusion. Focus is so important that it anchors every chapter of It’s Just a Conversation, What to Say and How to Say it in Business, which I’m proud to say is currently an Amazon #1 best-seller.  (CLICK HERE for a FREE chapter.)

3. Close Powerfully

Ask for the sale. Gain agreement on your proposal and confirm the deal.  When you confidently and clearly ask for what you want with the honest belief that it’s the best solution for your client it’s a Win-Win for everyone.

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