Make Every Conversation Count! 3 Simple Strategies to Sales Success

Whether on the stage or in the coffee shop, savvy professionals know that it’s critical to make the most of every opportunity to communicate your message. Here are 3 tips that will make every conversation count:
1. Start Strong
Prepare an engaging opening, one that grabs attention, makes it clear where you’re headed  and what’s in it [...]

Sizzling Strategies to Get ‘er Done!


How can I get more done? How can I balance it all? How can I accomplish more in less time? Those are the questions my clients ask most often. And I can relate. I bet you can too.
Have you have felt like no matter how hard you work, no matter how much you do, you’ll [...]


Springtime in South Florida…
When I say that, people often ask, “How do you know its spring?”  To the untrained eye, it’s always green, sunny and deliciously beautiful here. Well, that’s true too, but we do have one, you just have to notice. When you pay attention, you fully experience the subtle transition from winter to [...]

Bad to the Bone

Oh baby it's cold outside!

Why is it that the things we get the most joy from are labeled “bad for you”? Sometimes I feel like a player on the game show, “You Can’t Win!” I know you can relate…

Not Your Average Day at the Beach!

Any day at the beach is a joyful day. I’m so lucky to live in South Florida, where the weather is conducive to lots of beach days!
Last Sunday, my husband Dan and I had a joyful, rare experience just steps away from our chairs and umbrella…
It was the perfect sunny day, white puffy clouds; blue, [...]