Springtime in South Florida…
When I say that, people often ask, “How do you know its spring?”  To the untrained eye, it’s always green, sunny and deliciously beautiful here. Well, that’s true too, but we do have one, you just have to notice. When you pay attention, you fully experience the subtle transition from winter to [...]

Bad to the Bone

Oh baby it's cold outside!

Why is it that the things we get the most joy from are labeled “bad for you”? Sometimes I feel like a player on the game show, “You Can’t Win!” I know you can relate…

The Joy in Dieting…Really…

I love to eat.  That “Eat, Pray, Love” lady has nothing on me.  I can eat with the best of them and I don’t have to go to Italy to do it.  I’ve always been one of those people that “lives to eat,” rather than, “eats to live.”  I know people like that, eating simply [...]