Ask for What you Want – You May Just Get it

In the past I was fortunate to have been in mastermind groups studying the “Success Principles” by Jack Canfield.  The benefit of being part of a group like this is that I actually finished the 435 page book! As I reflected on the many things I learned, the principle “Ask, Ask, Ask” stood out.  “Ask, [...]

7 Secrets to Turn Your Presentations into Sales

Let’s get right to it – when you’re speaking to groups you want to maximize your opportunity. Here are 7 secrets to influencing your audience to say yes to your invitation, whether that’s a consult with you, a package of products and services or to attend your next level opportunity. Here are 7 secrets that [...]

The Surefire Way to Grow Your Business & Your Life

Here it is – here’s the answer right at the top of the blog, are you ready? The surefire way to grow your business and your life is to live and work in your “area of giftedness.” That’s a phrase renowned leadership expert, Dr. John Maxwell…

Make Every Conversation Count! 3 Simple Strategies to Sales Success

Whether on the stage or in the coffee shop, savvy professionals know that it’s critical to make the most of every opportunity to communicate your message. Here are 3 tips that will make every conversation count:
1. Start Strong
Prepare an engaging opening, one that grabs attention, makes it clear where you’re headed  and what’s in it [...]

Just Ask…

Yesterday my new book, written with my friend, consumer research expert, Debbie Silverman, became a #1 Best-Seller in our first day on Amazon. “It’s Just a Conversation: What to Say and How to Say it in Business” is a resource guide to getting what you want in business. Today I want to expand on one [...]