Are You Standing Too Close? (to see that your baby might be ugly?!) with Nancy Matthews

If you want to achieve great things, it takes great determination, courage and a willingness to receive feedback from others who can see the picture from another perspective.  Sometimes we’re just too close and too attached to be able to see things clearly and from an objective point of view.  The difficulty that often arises is that when we get feedback directing us to take a different approach to our goals and business plans,  we take it personally which then creates the feeling as if someone just said that our baby was ugly. No one wants to hear, “Your baby is ugly.” Yet, that’s how it can feel when someone who’s been where you want to go tells you that you’re on the wrong path. It’s not easy to get past the defensiveness that naturally arises. Your business and your goals are like your baby.  A baby that you’ve nurtured, a baby you see as beautiful and perfect. So of course your first reaction is to say, “No, not my baby. My baby’s perfect just the way it is.”

This is where courage and determination must kick in.  If your goal is to have your baby grow up to be a thriving, successful contribution to society, receiving input and feedback from others who have raised successful babies is absolutely essential.  We must learn to let down our defenses and open up to constructive feedback that will support us in raising and growing our babies.  Some new direction, a fresh perspective and added insight don’t take away from the fact that it is your baby, they simply help you reach your goals and often times, much faster than if you tried to do it all on your own.

How do you know if your baby is ugly?

  • Start by asking questions of people that you trust who have experience going where you want to go.
  • Remember to stay true to the essence of what you want to accomplish and the end result, doing your best not to be attached to the how.
  • Put on your big girl pants and be open to receiving feedback that may make you feel uncomfortable and know that it is not meant to hurt you (or your baby) and instead is delivered in the spirit of supporting you in achieving your goals.

I’m compelled to share as I wrap up this post and this “ugly baby” analogy that in fact, there are no ugly babies.  Your baby (that is, your business and your goals and dreams) is beautiful because it was created in the spirit of love and adding value to others.  Hold on to that intention and knowing and be open to receiving all the resources that come to you to support you in raising your beautiful baby!

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