7 Secrets to Turn Your Presentations into Sales

Let’s get right to it – when you’re speaking to groups you want to maximize your opportunity. Here are 7 secrets to influencing your audience to say yes to your invitation, whether that’s a consult with you, a package of products and services or to attend your next level opportunity. Here are 7 secrets that engage your audience and set you up for success:

  1. Remember that the most important aspects of your talk are creating value, connecting with your audience and creating unforgettable experiences. They are buying YOU. Make sure you give them all you’ve got and give them real value in your talk.
  2. Tell your story to illustrate the power of your product or service. Your personal story not only  connects you with your audience, it also highlights you as a living successful example of your product or service.
  3. Share client success stories and testimonials. Filter these testimonials throughout your presentation to demonstrate how your product or service makes a difference in people’s lives.
  4. Let your audience know that at the end of your talk you’ll be giving them an opportunity to work with you or to buy your product or service. Mention this a few times throughout.
  5. Share insights, strategies and practical advice that makes them want YOU.
  6. Offer a bonus to those who take action today.
  7. Be clear in your offer and keep it simple – a confused mind doesn’t buy.

Use these 7 secrets to up your game, to connect at a higher level and to influence and inspire people to say “Yes!”

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